Online Payment Services

Online Payment Services

We expertise a daily reality such various people moved towards the pattern of paying on the {online|the net} or aged the online instalment and this pattern has been set-up in lightweight of fixing the case for online instalments.

The instalment frameworks allow money exchanges to be created simply through net (the majority of them carry on utterly sensible transportable applications). They work as a fast and secure electronic different choice to standard methods as checks, money requests or bank exchanges. The frameworks perform on-line instalment handling not only for on-line merchants, unload locales, and different company purchasers but between their purchasers.

Such charge instalment (a variety of on-line instalment), in addition has been speeded up this stage drop-off a further worry of paying through money, Check, Doctor of Divinity or different customary expense instalment methods. This on-line instalment diminishes the extra foundation price nonheritable like: paper, security, labour and then forth. What’s a lot of, a number of frameworks are created with a thought of getting a keen framework which allows paying through the net instalment frameworks like Netbanking, Credit Cards, Debit Cards or E-wallet.

India has currently been up with this kind of specialised stage and that i.e. “The most good on-line Fee Management System-FREE GENIE”. within the solely few snaps, every institution in Republic of India it’s attainable that it’s AN instructive organization or another space would currently be ready to gather their expense specifically to their ledger while not danger of taking care of tons {of money|of money} or danger of any phoney cash.

Fee-genie is swing forth on-line expense installment administrations to:



training institutions

clubs and rec centres

affiliations and boards


Shopping centres and workplace edifices and then forth.

Through these on-line expense instalment advantages, these institutions will gather their charge through the net instalment frameworks like Netbanking, Credit Cards, Debit Cards or E-wallet.

Feegenie goes concerning as AN expense instalment handling place for these institutions wherever these foundations will inscribe themselves as an internet instalment shipper to acknowledge charge on the online.

For payers, paying acquires some instalment getting ready expense with ostensible rates as acceptable with instalment entry. For an event, you’ll take a case of visa cards. Visa card instalment handling expense has relevancy to ostensible charges that is material whereas corporal punishment through Visa cards (Debit cards/Mastercards) and acceptable with instalment doors.

Aside from Mastercard, master and Visa cards, Feegenie underpins RuPay Cards, Diners/Discover Cards, AMEX/JCB Cards additionally that square measure been generally upheld round the world.

With Feegenie, you’ll pay expense with any of those cards higher than, either plastic or Visa, Netbanking, E-wallets and even you’ll pay on-line charge with cell phones or Feegenie’s robot application, exclusively accessible on GooglePlay.

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